Press brake

Superior accuracy and high-speed electric-hydraulic bending process. Eco-friendly and low noise equipment for sale. Robotic options for automatic production lines.


Robotic Press Brake

6-axis or 7-axis robot with 6 + 1, 7 + 1, or 8 + 1 axis CNC press brake machine. Consider the automatic and unmanned bending of sheet metal. It is equipped with a centering platform, turnover platform, and other accessories.

Servo Press Brake

Double servo pump control bending. Independent servo motors drive high efficiency bi-directional hydraulic pump structures that provide extremely fast bending speed and superior accuracy.

CNC Press Brake

Full closed feedback loop control synchronization of electric-hydraulic system. It can carry out partial load bending and has anti-throat deformation system.

Tandem Press Brake

The tandem press brake machine is used to bend heavy duty sheet metal. The two CNC press brakes can work together or run independently.

Mini Press Brake

High speed mini-CNC press brake for Europe and North America market, available since 2013. Single cylinder plate bending machine.

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